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Brooding-Ninja-Highschool-Parkour-Scout Episode 407: The Masked Terror: Burning-Skulking Ninja Armourd Clown Spy Rises!

The battle between  Brooding-Ninja-Highschool-Parkour Scout and Skulking Ninja Armourd Clown Spy takes a turn for the worse, as Skulking Ninja Armourd Clown Spy gets his hands on the Red Demon mask! Upon donning it, he gains it’s dark powers, and becomes Burning-Skulking Ninja Armourd Clown Spy!

In this new form, Skulking Ninja Armourd Clown Spy gains dark powers beyond recognition, becomes more powerful than any foe Brooding-Ninja-Highschool-Parkour Scout has ever faced in previous seasons, and is really, really strong! Like, he could probably pick a truck off it’s back wheels! Or dig a hole all by himself! Like, a really deep hole!

If Brooding-Ninja-Highschool-Parkour Scout plans to defeat him, he’ll have to go train for twelve episodes with five different old people and his dad, who will teach him how to perfect his Hyper-Edge Mode. Meanwhile, his useless teammates will have to fight off Burning-Skulking Ninja Armourd Clown Spy and get their asses beat, even when they use their most powerful attacks!

It’ll be up to Brooding-Ninja-Highschool-Parkour Scout to finish his training, perfect Hyper-Edge Mode, ignore his not-girlfriend, and stare at bad guys while grunting and thinking about how he has to avenge his friends for getting thier asses kicked like dumbasses.

Also, the girl does a thing! Who knows what it could be!? Maybe she heals someone? Maybe she just has a really absurd upskirt? How knows? Maybe it’ll be the one meme that come out of this show that everyone’s like “Aw man, what the hell is this from?” and then they watch this one episode and say something about that meme in the comments section on YouTube like everyone else, ad they never watch any other episode of this show.

Just tune in and see. It’ll be great, trust me.

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